Friday, March 7, 2014


My very first topbox subscription arrived right on time, just like they said. After countless attempts to "sign up", I resorted to google-ing what was up with Topbox? Behold, there is a wait list! This baffled me for a little while, but eventually, after two months of waiting I received the infamous email saying that I could now sign up. 
I purchased the Flare topbox over the holidays and absolutely loved it, what a serious steal and there was a mens box of face and body cleansers and lotions that was all to perfect for the hubby. Needless to say I was super excited to have my first official box arrive.


I received the So Susan Luminizer which I must say is fantastic, I love how it has a rose like colour and isn't too shiny. Although I already own Benefits High Beam I still loved getting this product. 

Cover FX CC Cream, I received two of these, although I'm not sure why? Also, it was in a light colour, a little too light for my skin so I use a dab here and there but gave the duplicate to a friend who is of a lighter complection. 

Cuccio - Remix Glitter Nail Polish. I'm a sucker for glitter nail polishes, so this was right up my alley, had some fun with it right away. 

This was done with an OPI base coat and the Cuccio was applied to the tips. 

The Elizabeth Arden Mascara & Lipgloss Duo. Although I know EA products are considered of better quality I just really didn't like the scent of this one. To be fair though, I have had some other products by this company where I have also disliked the smell. I do however generally like these duo sticks they are slim and convenient. 

Over all, the box didn't blow my away but for $12/month I still thought it was some pretty great value!