Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Julep Maven - April Box

The same day I received my Spring pastel polishes I also received my April Maven box, which was a pleasant surprise because it wasn't slated to arrive until next week. I actually had to go back and look at what polish I choose for my April box because I couldn't remember. 
I do however remember not being so thrilled about all the vivd colours from this months collection, I was clearly more in the pastel/Spring mindset lol! hence my additional purchases (re: last post)

This month I chose to go with Boho Glam, I'm a sucker for purples and green typically isn't my colour but its quite spring like, so I thought I'd give it a go. 

April's box also included a Julep Glow blush. I opted for Peach Belini, which seems quite natural. I'm looking forward to trying this one out. It comes in a great little square compact that includes a mirror. There was also an additional coupon code for 30% off your next Julep purchase. It does however excluded monthly boxes, the secret store and a couple other things but worth it if you're buying random things, unfortunately after all the additional purchases I've made since this box, I think I've maxed out...for now. 

After un-boxing these items I realized they are a lot prettier than they looked on screen. i really love that they have a different colour reflection. I did test out Kayla on my toes and after a third coat it looks really good. I also noticed that the colour did dry fairly quickly, which is always a bonus. I do always apply a quick drying top coat as well as quick drying drops. Some colours have been known to smudge even after all that care, but not this one. 

From top to bottom: Tatum & Kayla

A complete shot of all the polishes I received yesterday

Spring is in the Air!

With the regular emails that I get from Julep, I am constantly tempted to buy additional things that I probably don't really need. So late one night I foolishly decided to take a gander and came across some lovely pastel colours that I just had to have. I added three to my shopping cart and clicked "place order"...NO!!! Wait! Crap. The second I clicked that button I realized that I already have a pastel lilac polish from Essie. I quickly emailed Julep to see if this could be rectified, but never got a response a couple of days later I got my shipment notification. Oh well, looks like I have a polish to gift.

After the horrific winter we have had, I really couldn't resist the pretty pastels in anticipation of Spring!


From left to right: Elisa - lilac coloured polish. This is the "duplicate" that I accidentally bought. Maven price $11.20; Bess - pastel sky blue. This colour really reminds me of Easter. This one I got on sale for $5.99; Cassie - soft peach pastel, can't wait to try this one and it was a steal at $2.99